Nathalie Signe given to her plurennial experience in the tourism and Tour operator sector, offers single and guided tours in Rome and over Italy. The founder of entrepreneurial initiative CHIC TOURS ITALY proposes to her client tours specialized in Rome city with guided visits in imperials Ford, at the Colosseum, at Vatican Museum and San Peter Basilic as well as tourism packages in all Italy.

After being graduated in Letters and philosophies to the Sapienza University in Rome, Nathalie Signe has spent a whole year travelling around Europe to improve her linguistic and cultural abilities through different European programs which promote the development of studies and culture. Decided to turn back to Rome where she has worked as tourism and leisure consultant near a Tour Operator and different Travel agency.

As part of an own-initiative business startedCHIC TOURS ITALY, a sercices company,single and guided tours for travelers who seek for thebest quality without scarifying the convenience.

The principal purpose of this initiative is the promotion of Italy as an esotic destination for travelers and lovers of italian art, culture and history, throug its characteristics beauties with single and guided tours. It proposes, on this first tape, unique and unforgettable experiences through his single and guided tours in the city of Rome. Our staff understands the travelers needs and interests and the necessity to propose specialized tours with activities which represent Italian culture and suit perfectly with travelers demands.

The CHIC TOURS ITALY company work in collaboration with local communities to offer exclusives and completes packages as example the Colosseum Tour, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hills and Vatican in other to give cheer to our clients. They just have to be at their ease, learn, entertain theirselves and relax in Italy without worrying about nothing